Survey the waterjet industry, our customers have many viable options to choose from. A&V Waterjet is honored to be one of your top choices considering the following:

(1) Reliable products and reliable delivery
We keep our standard waterjet systems in stock in our Germantown, Wisconsin location. This enables immediate product delivery to our North America customers.

For your customization needs, please allow 40 to 60 days for turn around time.

(2) Realistic and competitive pricing
With A&V’s special partnership and unmatched supply chain, we are not only able to offer reliable products, but also to provide highly appreciative value proposition. While the same waterjet platform cost hundreds thousands dollars, reliable A&V products is only cost 30 to 60% from competitors’ waterjet platform.

We sincerely invite you to come and see our products and let us give your company a price quotation.

(3) Responsive service
Behind our reliable product and realistic price is our dedicated service team.

(4) Reputable track records
What does A&V stand for?
Appreciation of value.
Our products, services and value propositions earned the needed trust of many companies who have chosen to do business with us. We like to have the opportunity to earn yours.

“As a user, we get to see all aspects of the A&V Waterjet including quality, pricing, and service. The A&V Waterjet has been perfect, a tremendous value, and ideal for our application and customer base. Any machine tool will have service requirements, this is no exception, however any time we have had an issue A&V has been there to help! We highly recommend this machine.”

Air Supply Inc.

Plasma cutting produces a great deal of heat and leaves heat-affected zones. Waterjet cutting produces no heated zones, better edge finishes, less secondary operation, materials can be closely nested, and have no thickness limitation.

Although extremely accurate, EDM cutting is very slow. It also requires electronically conducive materials and produces heat-affected zones. For many applications, Dynamicc Waterjet technology is approximately as accurate as and EDM and is only a fraction of the cost.

Abrasive waterjet cutting is way faster, easier to program and cheaper than milling. Waterjet cuts with one pass without leaving the remainder materials in cheap form. Scraps in solid form is more valuable than in chip form.